WIA-Loader 2.2

WIA-Loader is a program used to transfer images from digital cameras
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WIA-Loader allows you to visualize and import images from your digital camera, scanner, or digital video-equipment to your computer. Before importing the images you can preview them and save in profiles all the options you use to import the images.

Among the options to import pictures there are: rotate upright pictures, set the creation date, tag images with keywords, geocode images with GPS information, set pictures to read-only, retrieve information from Geonames.org for geocoded images, and more.

In the Options window you can set the preview and import options, select and generate your import profiles, etc.

One way to generate an import profile is by using the Import Profile Wizard, which includes the following steps: first you need to select the path of the folder where the images will be imported. Next, you select one or more of the options to import pictures previously mentioned. Finally, you give a name to your import profile. After creating your import profile you can customize its parameters. Also you can delete the pictures from the source after they are imported and import only new pictures.

The image formats supported are jpeg, tiff, raw, bmp, gif, png, dng, psd, mov, avi, mp4, avc, and others.

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  • You can rotate upright pictures, geocode images with GPS information; retrieve information from Geonames.org for geocoded images, and more


  • Some legends of the program are not in English
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